Work Place Drug Testing – Exposed

My name’s Mitchell, I’m one of the forensic analysts over here in Longview in drug and alcohol testing, a good talk a little today about workplace drug testing, the different things brought in to do it and a couple of different ways that it’s done so we’re going to just Jump right now, I’ve got a whole bunch here that I’m not gonna be able to go over with and show you like said they each have their story.

You’ve got different things. You’ve got little, you’ve got ridiculously big, so I mean I could go on and on and on but kind of the first awful thing I want to talk to you about is there are two different ways to really get a synthetic or a urine sample past somebody or They try to, and it simply is, you’ve got a synthetic here, and this is internet bot comes in a bottle, you’ve got your temperature strip, but the biggest thing is, as you can tell, is the colors a little different there’s no scent. It smells just like water. It pretty much is it’s just water, that’s tinted, has a few things added to and then you’ve got your friend borrowed or girlfriend borrowed urine. Now this isn’t a lovely summer’s eve bottle. So stay fresh stay high apparently, but as you can see that specimen that urine in there its culture, there’s bacteria, it’s gotten really dark. This was caught October 4. 2011. This was caught June, 9, 2010. Now the way we catch them, of course, is pants on where it comes in the knees. Shirt comes up after turnaround. We have to watch them urinate. So, there’s a there’s a little bit of an unfortunate part of the job as a collector, but it’s it’s a necessary evil. But, as you can see, there’s drastic differences between the two: that’s how you can kind of catch. The synthetic between the aged older, used, urine kind of moving along one of the more popular things to bring down, of course, is condoms. You got him where people keep them in their underwear, they tie a shoestring around their knee and they have it drop down. I had one guy that you know I knew that he had brought it in because it was cold and when his pants underwear came down, I couldn’t see anything well. He was sitting in the lobby and lo and behold he had this little puddle of urine and water forum and you and in a sock and on the floor and like you know, I went up to him sick and you raise your pant leg for me and There was hanging by shoe string, which was just good old condom. Next I have the father of the Year award. This was caught before my time here, but I was told the story. A gentleman had brought his child with him. I was trying to take his child in the collection with him, but wouldn’t be allowed, but apparently had that in his pants and he had actually borrowed real urine. You can see where it’s been stained and everything and there’s no temperature. It was caught fairly easily. We’Ve got also stuff that you know people blatantly either try throw it in or they try to tuck. It hide it. This right here has the little bungee little hair tie right there, scrunchie whatever it is, but this guy he had it tucked up underneath and he had it tied around his uh his testicles and tried to hide it between his butt, cheeks and but the real way. We caught it, there was no temperature and then, whenever he went to do his observe test, we could see it kind of hanging back um. Then you’ve got the stuff where people try to get it boom. This has hot hands all wrapped around in the tape. This thing right here, the specimen was so hot that the cup was steaming. This right here is another good one and you can see the hot hands right there that was used, but he had it between his butt cheeks and had close to second-degree burns on both sides of his cheeks. So you know, if you can’t have funny moments in this job. What can you have and then finally I’ve got kind of the granddaddy of it all it’s a wiz inator. Now this was bought offline and it’s a band like a compression band, but it has a storage pouch and the storage pouch has a little bladder that has a temperature strip on it and the temperature strip lets. You know, of course, that the temperature is good between 9100. Well then tied to the bladder as this tube that has a check valve and then there’s another check valve lower down in it. What they do is they pop this off pop it on there they squeeze the urine out into the bladder, they get the bladder full and they use hot hands and put it up against the black and just drop it in and when they come in, they do Undo the check valves squeeze the bladder and try to move the sound of urinating this poor guy. The way he got caught had a temperature temperature was good but he’d peed all over the floor and when he came out it was like pee. It looked like pee, but water was just run down his pants. His pants were just soaked and you know I was a little suspicious and lo and behold he gave it to us and hung his head a little lower that day. Um, there’s also a lot of things for adulterants people trying to use bleach, different chemicals and whatnot a lot of the labs or to do testing for that, and everything there’s also adultage strips that we can use to. Let us know whether something seems off with like the ph the creatine level, whether it is detecting bleach stuff like that, and that that gets a little more detailed. But this is just kind of your quick overview, a couple things we have and other than that. I really don’t have a clever closure, so there you have it

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