Whizzinator Review 2018

Whizzinator Review 2018

I talk about what works and what doesn’t when come to drug testing, but anyway um. I had quite a few people ask me about synthetic urine belts. You know which is twhich is something that most you probably haven’t heard of and actually have a funny story to go along with this. So um my friend bought one. Actually, it’s called The whizzinator review 2018 either we look it up on Amazon or whatever um pretty much he well. First, he tried to buy a used one. You know because they they pretty expensive, but I personally wouldn’t buy a used one and if you look it up you’ll see why. But anyway, he ended up ordering a new one and he took that along with the quick fix synthetic guarantee. You know me. My first was laughing because we thought it was kind of funny you know, but he passed his test. You know so that goes to show you that that this works so anyway um. If you’re thinking about using the synthetic urine belt, there’s a couple things. I guess you should, you know, keep in mind um. It works well up to drug tester supervised. Now. If the drug test is not supervised, then the fake urine, you know synthetic urine would definitely good job. I mean it’s not like. The supervisor is going to go and you know sort of look and trying to grab your dick and stuff like that. So you don’t have to worry about that and funny thing about it. They have all types of colors man and they got you know they got black dark skin, the other white, a Latino. You know just everything, everything you need so um. If you want to know more about this synthetic urine belt and some you know some more detailed information things like that, how they worked, how they look you can um i’ma, leave a link in the description, so you can check that out and to test supervise. Remember the pills are still an option. You can also take pills and I recently found the pill you guys know, I’m always on the search. So i reasons found a pill and it works great. It works great and it’s four different kinds. They have a 10-day, a five-day, a three-day and then one day you know. So, if you’re like under the gun situation – and you just found out – you have a drug test the next day, then you know they had those options for you, which is cool. You can find more information on the website posting guys at whizzinator review 2018 so definitely check it out and guys um. I really want to stress to you that make sure you stock up with the pills that just told you about that should find more information about the synthetic urine and the drinks. You know the THC detox drinks because you know nowadays you never know where you’re going have a test. You just never know you know employers like to be sneaky and they like to test you it all right. Let’S say you do have a job. You know employers like to sort of give you a test like sometimes on the spot, or sometimes they give you 24 hours. And then you know if you’ve been, if you’ve been smoking or something like that, you know then you’ll fail and you know, and most employers, as I mentioned they drug test heavily, so make sure you always keep those on deck. Keep those on stock because you never know we can have another drug test and remember, buy online because the in-store products – it’s not gon na work for you. So that being said, man I hope you guys learn something and I’ll see you in the next video

I’m going to do a quick review of this are products called with native touch by ALS and just before I get into it. I just want to say thank you guys so much for making this, because it saved my life so yeah. It really did the trick passed, so I was cured anyway. I’Ve got the white one, but you can also get at a Latino brown or black, whichever suits your color and yeah. This product was recommended by a friend because I had party and went crazy and apparently this one. It actually has like bacteria that grows on it. So yeah. This is more like shows, and it worked so, let’s get into what’s inside the box, I was made a touch which is the fake penis strapped on which holds the lil bag. We’Ve also got a syringe in it, which is a 60 milliliter, syringe which you need to fill up twice or once and a half. And then we’ve got some heat pads that you just put it behind the thing and also some synthetic urine and the instructions which are very important. I would read them before doing anything so here we go just going to unstrap the way snail attached and to show you the actual tubing system and the pouch where the liquid is held. So, as you can see, there’s like a temperature reader there’s also the little hose that you put the liquid in and the attachment. So right now it’s closed. I’M just going open it just is showing you guys what happens. It actually opens this little tube right here, so what you want to have it closed in just while you’re not using it and open it once you ready to release the liquid. So yes, it’s well done and yeah. So now I’m going to try I’m going to do some testings with some water, so I’m going to put 60 milliliters of water first and go in fill it up in this whizzinator review 2018. So what it doesn’t say on the instructions is that you have to twist the actual syringe to you, lock it on to the little tube. So what I’ve twisted it? You didn’t then put the liquid in so yeah. It goes in pretty easily and then just untwist. It and I’m going to refill it again: 2/3 milliliters and yeah. I would suggest doing the test with water first before trying to with the main synthetic liquid. Just so you can understand how it all works and everything, so they go done it. And now I’m going to close the actual cap and test it out so see right now, I’m just going to open that little tube, as you do like that yep and you can see that there’s no actual liquid falling out for me to in order for liquid Come out you just need to press it and there’s also a strap at the front which you want to pull tight to be it’s nice and stretchy, and it helps a lot with the flow so yeah. I just want to say thank you very much guys so happy worked and yeah if you want to get yours just to go and type in wizard touch and get the one from ALS right very quickly and really happy that these guys made it so yeah.




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