What is Synthetic Urine

If you’re looking for synthetic urine reviews or the best synthetic urine in 2018, then you’ve come to the right place. You probably want to know the bottom line: does synthetic urine work, and if so, where should you buy it? We have examined many of the companies out there that purport to sell synthetic urine and were disappointed in all but one case. Synthetix5 is the only product that we have found that will pass the urine screening.

How Does Synthetic Urine Work?

Synthetic urine is designed to contain the same markers as real urine so that even a laboratory will not be able to tell that is it synthetic. It comes with a kit that makes it easy to use for urine screenings.

The Problem with Urine Screening

There are several different ways that you can pass a urine screening. Everyone will tell you their “tried-and-tested” method, but there are only a few that actually work. Out of the handful of methods, synthetic urine is by far the easiest one to use and the one that is most effective. A synthetic urine kit from Synthetix5 is the best way to get the result that you want.

Other Urine Screening Solutions
There are other solutions to a urine screening problem of course. But when you need to pass a urine test, you really need the solution to work 100%, and unfortunately, these methods just do not offer that 100% guarantee.

For example, there are a few detox products out there that do a pretty good job. For those out there that don’t want to strap on a fake urine kit or are worried about whether they can pull off the fake urine solution, there are these detox products that will give you the right result some of the time. It all depends upon factors like how long your body has been “detoxing” naturally and how much was in there in the first place.

Why Synthetix5 Works

Before we get into the more in-depth explanation of why synthetic urine works, and especially why this particular brand works, you should first be aware that there may be websites out there selling counterfeit fake pee for less using the Synthetix5 brand. That’s why it is highly recommended to get your synthetic pee from synthetix5.com only.
As for why the formula works, the bottom line is that they actually care about the customer. Sure, you could get fake urine and pass a stick test, but what happens when the testing company sends the urine to the lab? Try to use cut-rate fake pee and they will know immediately that it is not real urine.

Synthetix5 works specifically because they know what labs test urine samples for – to ensure that the sample is genuine, and they make sure that those markers are present. For example, there are some labs out there that test urine for the presence of uric acid. If your urine sample goes to a lab that tests for that particular component of real urine, you want to make sure that you’re getting the highest possible fake urine for your test.
Some of the other components that labs could test for include a balanced pH level, creatine numbers where they should be, normal gravity and more.
With synthetic urine becoming more and more popular, many labs now do extensive tests to ensure that the urine sample is genuine. The previous mention of uric acid is just one of those extensive tests. Other urine formulas often do not contain uric acid and they will know immediately that the urine is not genuine.

A Great Deal Can Depend on Your Sample
If you want to pass your urine screening, there is probably something pretty big riding on ensuring that the sample that you give is clean. While you definitely can find other options for ensuring a “toxin-free” sample, the risks are very likely too great to leave it up to chance – even if that chance is a small one.
Instead, go with Synthetix5, directly from Synthetix5.com and get fake urine that will pass even the most stringent lab tests. Don’t be fooled by synthetic urine reviews that seem too good to be true. Get the real stuff because synthetic urine does work – as long as you get the best.

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