Ways to Beat a Drug Test

Here is a brand new video and recently something has happened with me involving a drug test. What happened was I moved to Massachusetts. My dad told my brother he’s going to drug tested me because he knows my brother smokes weed.  So I got to the point where I needed to like really like cleanse myself and get drug tested, and I can assure you that this works. You literally only need a couple things. This is all you need, so the first thing you’re going to need is synthetic urine. I think I got these for 5 bucks because it’s only a 60 pills and get a bigger one for like 80 bucks, and I can assure you these actually work. So what I took was I took a urine test. It was not any place, he just got it out like a Walgreens. I think or something like that, but I popped like one or two of these a day. I did one in the morning, one at night and then took a ton of water. You know drink consistent waters for the day. You need at least three days of not smoking to be safe for the drug test, not only I did. That was a method that I honestly do not see on YouTube. That does work is so using this. Obviously cleanses. You, but obviously doesn’t do it Foley. So what you do is now you want to keep the drug test a little bit. You know this part really only works with like drug tests that you’ll get at a fake urine like from a store like home drug testers. I’M trying to say what you do. I say this was the cup you pee in the cup. But listen you do midstream, you don’t just pee right into it. You do midstream or as to the end as much as possible. So once you get your pee in it, the tip, is you go up to your sink real, quick turn it on and go dip a little bit in and that’s all there is maybe shake it up. A little bit make sure it. So it’s not too white make sure they still no it’s P, but what that water does is, and it kills see inside your piss.  And if you know when your drug test is sometimes I take like three pills before the drug test. Honestly, I don’t suggest that because like this can be kind of you’re only supposed to be taking one, but two won’t hurt, but I don’t know about three depending on how big you are and everything like that, almost a pretty small person, but I’m only five five.

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