The Urine Observed Collection Process Revealed

Urine Observed Collection Procedure

The following are the steps required for an observed legally defensible, urine specimen collection for drugs of abuse, testing failing to follow. All of these steps could make it difficult to impossible to legally defend the test results produced from the specimen. The key aspects of a legally defensible collection and chain of custody are one a completed, legible and signed chain of custody to direct observation of the specimen being produced. Three sealed specimen with donors initials and the date on the specimen seal date. Initials and barcode number must match chain of custody for seal placed in a manner that would make any tampering evident. The step-by-step procedures needed to accomplish these four points will be illustrated failing to perform. Any of these steps could invalidate the defense ability of the test result in court and compromise the goals of the agencies drug testing program good morning morning. Could I see a picture ID please when the donor comes in. The first step is to identify the donor using a picture ID such as a driver’s license or government-issued ID and asking what agency?

The donor is testing for verify that the picture and name on the ID matched the donor, select an or kem chain of custody form and verify that it is the correct form for the client that the donor is testing for. If you are performing collections for more than one Norcom client using the picture, ID fill in the required information on the chain of custody form ensure that the information is legible and the identification case numbers are in the appropriate box. Have the donor remove any excess clothing? Such as coats, hats, bulky, sweaters or sweatshirts, wear, adulterants or fake specimens could be hidden. The donor must then wash and dry their hands without soap. Prior to providing the specimen soap can interfere with testing if it gets into the specimen and water left on the hands. Could dilute the specimen open the collection kit and remove the specimen cup? There are two kits a male and a female. The only difference between the kits is that the female kit has a larger cup to facilitate collecting the specimen. The specimen is then poured into the specimen cup prior to handing the cup to the donor open the specimen cup. When you open the lid, you will see a small piece of plastic break off. This indicates that the cup has never been opened and is sterile hand. The specimen cup to the donor for a male, the most effective way to hold the specimen cup is to use the lid as a handle and steady. The cup with your fingers. If it is a female donor, give the female cup to the donor and retain the specimen cup to pour the specimen into after. It is collected position yourself in such a way that you can directly visualize the urine stream exiting from the donor and entering the specimen cup standing behind. The donor does not provide for this direct observation unless there are mirrors position to allow observation. This is a critical aspect for a truly observed collection for female observed collections position yourself in front of the donor to allow for direct observation of the urine stream exiting the donor and entering the cup. If the donor is unable to provide a specimen, they should consume. No more than eight ounces of fluid prior to providing the specimen to avoid having a specimen that is too dilute once the donor is finished. Providing specimen close the lid on the cup verify that there is sufficient specimen for testing. The synthetic urine review must be above the 15 milliliter line or, if using the female cup above the 30 milliliter line, verify that the temperature of the specimen is between 90 and 100 degrees, as indicated by the temperature strip. If using the female kit check, the temperature prior to pouring off this specimen shows a temperature between 90 and 100 degrees. This specimen shows a temperature that is out of range making the specimen invalid. If using the female cup, the collector should pour the specimen into the specimen cup and close and latch the lid, while the donor observes verify that the lid snaps shut, that the latch is closed and that the lid is on straight briefly, turn it upside down to Make sure it does not leak if it leaks recheck to make sure it is completely closed. This specimen cup has the lid crooked and is likely to leak peel the seal off the chain of custody and place it over the cup lid and down the sides, avoiding the hinge and latch of the cup. Placing the seal over the hinge or latch could cut the seal and invalidate the legal defensibility of the test result do not place the seal around the specimen cup or lid. You need to initial, indeed, have the donor initial and date, the seal after it is on the cup mark, the observed box and the temperature box on the chain of custody form note the collection time and select the appropriate test panel. Again, it is critical that all information on the chain of custody is legible. To ensure a legally defensible result. Have the donor read and sign the chain of custody form make sure that the barcodes initials name and signature all match and that all dates on the chain of custody form are the same. If the signature is illegible, have the donor print their name above the signature? Once you have verified all the information on the chain of custody sign and date, it place the specimen in the smaller compartment of the specimen bag that contains the absorbent pad. Do not remove the absorbent pad tear off the perforated edges of the chain of custody, form and separate the original white copy to be sent with the specimen fold with the chain of custody once for the half page form twice for the full-page form and place in The larger compartment of the specimen bag fold and seal the bag, as indicated on the bag by placing the glue strip over the black hash marked portion of the bag, do not roll up the specimen bag like a cigar and do not use rubber bands or tape To secure the bag, the completed specimen bag should appear like this. At this point, it is ready for shipment if it will not be shipped for more than three days place, the specimen in the refrigerator, if possible. The specimen is now ready to be placed in the appropriate shipping bag or mailer box. Both the courier bag and the DHL bag can be used to send multiple specimens to review the critical aspects of a legally defensible collection and chain-of-custody are one a completed, legible and signed chain of custody to direct observation of the specimen being produced. Three sealed specimen with donors initials and the date on the specimen seal date. Initials and barcode number must match chain of custody for seal placed in a manner that would make any tampering. Evidence following these procedures will ensure that the results will be defensible in court and will be supportive of the goals of the agencies. Drug testing program,

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