Does synthetic urine work?

synthetic urine
Does Synthetic Urine Work?

What is synthetic (fake) urine?

Synthetic (fake) urine is an artificial liquid that imitates the chemical and physical properties of human urine to help researchers do thorough chemical analysis on products and urine. Synthetic (fake) urine is primarily used to test products that are either in the baby product line, while others use it for medical reasons

Does synthetic urine work in the lab?

Yes, it does. Genetic tests on urine are not usually performed by the US drug testing laboratories. The usual lab equipment normally checks for certain samples of toxins and drugs and if it has been adulterated or diluted.

If synthetic (fake) urine is used, its integrity can be checked by purchasing test strips that are drug adulterated. These strips can check for pH, creatine levels and specific gravity and other substances.

How much synthetic (fake) urine do you need?

On a normal occasion, 2 oz is enough, because the regulations collector of the US Department of Health and Human Services, has to accept the volume if the donor cannot provide more.

There are cases that need more urine, for instance, if a spill takes place, or if you want to avoid any attention from the collector. To avoid any questions, use a 3 oz bottle.

How to keep the urine warm

One of the common ways to warm urine is by using a microwave. After heating up the urine at home, you need a proper way to keep it at room temperature. You can do this using a heat pack that is common in popular commercial products. These packs can store the temperature for approximately 8 hours.

To simply warm the urine, you can use your body heat. You can place a rubber band to attach the bottle to your body on your inner thighs, bras, armpits, and underwear. This is a very good technique, but it can be uncomfortable if you wear it the whole day.


Fake urine has the advantage being stored for years, unlike real urine. Most of the fake urine have a shelf life of between 2-3 years, and they do not need any maintenance tricks like cooling or freezing.

Additionally, the fake urine can be reheated multiple times; you can easily reuse the fake pee if the need comes in later.

The best synthetic urine brands

In the market, getting a trusted brand is not easy, that is why using a trusted product like Synthetix5 can make you get the results you want. It is by far the best synthetic urine in the market.

Where to purchase

You can purchase it through online stores, but you may find it hard to get it in local or some online stores because of the legislative restrictions that are dependent on a state.

Where synthetic urine is used

Does synthetic urine work? To answer this question, one needs to understand its different applications. Labs are the primary users of synthetic urine. Organizations like drug testing labs, researchers, and institutions use it for calibrating their drug testing equipment.The accuracy of equipment is done by testing samples of urine that were mixed with chemicals or other toxins.

It is hard for these institutions to use real urine because of its bad smell, it foams, and it can decay if it not frozen when it is shipped. Additionally, when taking urine samples, he donor has to go through various tests to check for diseases and other drugs in the body.

Finally, everyone has a unique body chemistry, so different urine compositions are usually prepared for different people. This is not ideal for a researcher, that is why synthetic urine was made to avoid these issues.

Below are other examples as to where synthetic (fake) urine is used.

It is widely used for R&D as well as for medical student’s training.

Industrial use

synthetic (fake) urine is used to test Diapers in the Diapers industry.


synthetic (fake) urine is also used by pet urine stain cleaners to demonstrate how effective their products are.


You can get synthetic (fake) urine in powdered, concentrated or normal forms. It can be in a gel or liquid form, at times, it can also come as a paste. All in all, synthetic (fake) urine is a product that is used across different industries, and it works when you want to pass a drug test.

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