Using Certo To Pass A Drug Test

If you need to pass a drug test certo is a method that can work.   As with other methods but I’ll try to keep this video short and sweet and quick, so what I did was the certo get two packets yeah. They cost them their five dollars, we’ll check out your local grocery, store and or Walmart, and let the baking I’ll take the Saratov out get yourself some Gatorade or water or some other kind of fruit juice doesn’t really matter too much it’s just about like flavour. It doesn’t, and it didn’t bother me so, like I didn’t mind water, but I just used this mainly for the color in your urine and your specific gravity as well. If you don’t know what that is, look that up, but pour this into a bottle. I’Ve ordered on these methods. I passed my test, so I don’t have anything left. So it’s kind of going over everything, but so stay focused. Pour it into your bottle, shake it up, make sure you drink a little bit from from the Gatorade, because it’s going to thicken up and get full and you don’t want to waste anything just dump everything all of the contents of the Circo into the bottle. So you want to have to drinking a little bit out of here. Well, eight ounces! Maybe four ounces shake it up down the entire bottle as fast as you can like under five minutes at least and then after that about every 15 minutes drink a about 8 ounce, glass, a fruit juice or water. It doesn’t matter and see, and then after that you want don’t want to piss test yourself with at home drug guy from any dollar store, I believe very inexpensive 98 %, accurate, accurate, almost sound alike, DJ Kelly 98 % accurate, and do that at least twice also, You can touch yourself beforehand is to kind of see where you’re at if you’re, obviously dirty. Then let’s get that. But I have a couple tests around to test yourself to see yourself positive, give yourself at least an hour and a half to two hours for working time. For this I didn’t about like an hour. I was doing already like decently clean, but you know better safe than sorry test yourself go take your test and you should be fine. This method will not work for everybody, you know, but it should work for most people. If you find yourself having a hard time getting clean, then take to you most people, I think we only need one, but if you’re a bigger guy, I only way there’s not a little stack. I am about two hundred pounds, six, one six to six foot. You don’t need no all that, but I’m in the sixes and pretty average metabolism, nothing crazy, but I lose weight decently fast and you should you know, and if you’re little bigger than that like to 50s to 60s, you might need to just because you have so Much more THC in your fat cells and around your fat of your body, so that doesn’t mean you’re kind of already like burdened with that. But you know it’s it’s all good, just your have to double up on. It might even need some more package just in case, so when you run your test, I also speaking of test, run a test of this at least a day before. Just so, you have your like method down packed, and I mean you should be fine. Just a quick background, I’m a student, so you know I had to do what I had to do. Best thing to do is quit smoking altogether? Don’T smoke for at least like 48 hours. The longer you don’t the higher your chances, so your smoking the day of then try to do this really cutting it close, don’t recommend it, don’t recommend it, don’t recommend it, but you do what you want to do so that should be it also. If you wanted to grab yourself a b-complex, very helpful for your for urine color and also affect your notice, have any preteen, also if you’re gon na be downing water like the day before, just to get your body, your metabolism going staying hydrated, then you’re going to want to take some creatine. Give yourself at least 24 hours of 48 hours, taking about one tablespoon three times three times a day totalling about that would be like that’s a tablespoon, so in total, like a tablespoon a day yeah so about like a tablespoon a Day or whatever I think that’s in one gram, that’s fourteen so do that and you should come out fine, but that’s like a variable like you really can’t account for so just to reiterate, really quick. I’ve done this already, but I don’t we put together video.


Put certo in here shake it up, drink it under five minutes. Do this about to at least an hour two hours before your test. This should cover you for about five hours or for depends metabolism, of course, test yourself at least twice. So you know pass your urine at least twice third time. You should be fine, if not keep keep on going till you get your results, there’s nothing wrong with being like over-prepared, okay, because you’re trying to you know my got probation or not the for a job. I don’t know but uh yeah, so let me know your results. How this goes and there’s I mean I’m gon na post, another video I bought like everything I did leading up to this test so watch out for that one all right, guys.

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